An op-ed piece written by JOSEPH A. GLEAN of Alexandria, VA.

On Monday, December 15, 2008, the slate of electors who were appointed earlier this year by the Democratic Party, and her delegation from Virginia, are set to meet in Richmond, at the State Capitol, to cast their votes for the President and Vice President of the United States. As our election process moves forward into this next official phase, it may be a good time to remind ourselves that we do, in point of fact, live in a Constitutional Republic, which is something distinctively different from those purely Democratic systems of the world, for our entire Constitutional method was designed to safeguard our system of self-government. It was meant to be a sturdy sheet-anchor that might withstand the winds of change and moral degradation that was sure to come over the course of time, for indeed, this ominous trend toward greater and greater depravity is one that had revealed itself, in various and sundry ways, throughout the history of the world.

In this respect, it may be instructive to observe that the founding generation did not mean to establish a system of majority rule, where a simple majority could so easily step forward, so as to undermine the integrity of our moral sovereignty (particularly as it would apply to the establishment and/or dissolution of our Constitutional law), but rather a system under which the nation might be guided by the uncompromising integrity of moral righteousness, Christian conviction, and a keen dedication to our country's founding principles, the essence of which was articulated in the Declaration of Independence, where our forefathers so confidently acknowledged that we are all created equal, and that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, the most fundamental of which is our God-given right to life.

Of course, there are those among us who so eagerly talk of getting rid of the Electoral College, and since many of these dissenting voices do not seem to know it, we should endeavor to be instant with our reply, quick to point out the precise reason why our Presidents are elected to office by an electoral system in the first place.

Indeed, it is to be hoped that the Electors, who are duly empowered to elect our President, shall, by Providential wisdom, be enabled to provide a better choice than the larger body, especially when such action is deemed necessary to protect the moral sovereignty of a people who have been led astray by their envy for the world systems, and what may seem, on the surface, to be an alluring ideology, championed by foreign princes, even though it is plain enough for the rest of us to discern, in careful cross-examination, that such men do not typically have the best interest of the United States in mind.

It is in this most practical sense that Electors play a role, in our American system of government, that is quite often overlooked, and they serve a purpose that is all too often left unsaid.

For you see, when Electors are chosen to represent a candidate who is running for public office, or to represent the will of that candidate's political party, a certain measure of deference is vested in the hope of Providential wisdom, that it might impose an irresistible feeling of moral courage upon those individuals who are duly appointed to serve as Electors, so that if and when — by popular vote — an overwhelming counterculture, even from within our own society, should move to predicate that which cannot be justified on a sound moral basis, those Electors are to be reminded, by virtue of their own moral constancy, that they are obligated to step forward, in that moment of final deliberation, by the wisdom and courage imparted unto them by God, to act as righteous guardians of our moral sovereignty, in order to reach a healthier conclusion for our country, one that is consistent with honest Christian principle, so as to fulfill what was, since the founding of our nation, intended to be a distinctively conservatorial role in our political process.

And so our Electors are primarily called to conserve, and what this means, in essence, is that they are called to make whatever presidential appointment that may be necessary, in order to protect, to preserve, to reinforce, and — should the need arise — to categorically restore our system of self-government, even if it goes against the declared will of a particular candidate, even if it goes against the imposed directives of the Party bosses, and even if it goes against the highly sensationalized outcome of the popular vote.

In addition to these many particulars, we find this very same concept of electoral prudence reiterated by the U. S. Office of the Federal Register, which recently saw fit to publish the following statement: "No Constitutional provision or Federal law requires electors to vote in accordance with the popular vote in their States." (2008 Presidential Election, on-line brochure.)

In short, you see, Electors are called to serve as the representatives of our Christian will, and for this reason, they ought to be very carefully chosen. And just as it should be with any other public office, we strongly believe that every effort must be made to choose Electors who are of good character and a reputable moral foundation, just as their sworn duty is one that is to be coupled — ever so expectantly — with the hope of an Almighty God, who governs the affairs of men by divine wisdom, truth, and integrity.

And if only it were the case that such trustworthy individuals had been chosen by the Democratic Party — O, let us pray that, by some miracle, it were indeed so — then we would certainly not have to fret over this latest prospect, where it would appear all but certain that one of the most radical, pro-abortionist politicians in the history of our nation, whose ideology is so dreadfully immersed in the tenets of Marxism and Black Liberation Theology, and whose very birthplace remains an issue of great uncertainty, is now poised to become the next President of the United States, even though it is plain enough to see that his moral compass is pointed, ever so extremely, against the righteousness of God, aiming straight down into the vile clay of secular relativism, depravity, and moral corruption.

Our prayer, then, is that God might enable our Electors to do their part to curb this present wickedness. May He give these privileged individuals the grace and humility to set Party affiliation aside, in order to oppose this man, by whatever uncontainable degree of moral courage that God may see fit to stir in their Christian hearts.

And if our electoral system, the last of so many safeguards, does not succeed in opposing such evil, then may God help us all, in the years ahead. In wrath, may the Lord remember mercy, as we continue to stand in awe of all that God has done for the benefit of our country, even going back to the inspiring words of our Declaration of Independence, which represents the very prayer by which this nation was founded. In this respect, we too pray, that God might renew the blessings of Liberty and Peace in our day, and that He will once again cause His fame to be known among the people of this land.


Mr. Glean is a proud member of America's Independent Party, where he serves on the State Leadership Team. He recently served as the State Campaign Coordinator for the "Virginia for Alan Keyes" Campaign (2008), which successfully registered Dr. Keyes as a Properly Declared Write-In Candidate, in an effort to provide the citizens of Virginia with the opportunity to cast their presidential ballots in favor of principled conservatism.


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Campaign to contact Electoral College voters takes off
1,800 sign up during first few hours

The name and address of every participant in the "FedEx the Electoral College" campaign will be displayed for the 538 Electoral College members who receive the letters.

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WND latest update:
More than 2,000 WorldNetDaily readers have already joined our campaign to FedEx the Electoral College. Now we're delivering the message straight to our fellow citizens—EACH of the 538 members of the Electoral College.  Since yesterday, we've managed to find the handful of addresses we were missing. So on Friday morning, our letters will be delivered to all 538 members of the Electoral College, giving each elector the weekend to consider the constitutional issues raised by Obama's presidency. Through Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern, WND is providing a last-minute opportunity to Americans who would like to communicate their concerns directly to individual electors.

Here's the page at WND to FedEx all Electoral College members.

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Conference call topic
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