by Joseph Glean


This year's presidential race has been particularly disappointing, with the nominations of two men who fraudulently claim to be pro-life, in hopes of winning pro-life votes, and yet, in the final analysis, we find that both of these men deliberately advocate abortion, even though this advocacy is hidden behind political posturings.


On the one hand, you have Barack Obama, who continually sets forth his evasive claim about the separation of Church and State, as if to suggest that it would somehow be wrong for him to allow his own personal reservations about abortion to influence his political stance on the issue.


And on the other hand, you have John McCain, who claims that it should really be up to the States to decide this issue, as if to suggest that it would be perfectly legitimate for abortions to take place in certain States, so long as those States had opted, by their own sovereign determination, to keep the practice of abortion legal.


McCain also seems to suggest that abortion can sometimes be morally rationalized, and thereby excusable under a liberal interpretation of the law, depending on the given circumstances.


But what is, perhaps, most disturbing of all, is his claim that this whole business of buying, selling, and killing human embryos, in the name of scientific research, is perfectly legitimate.


As it will be remembered, when John McCain was asked what he would do in a situation where his own daughter were pregnant, and wanting to get an abortion, he said that he would be supportive of her decision, and that he would be there by her side to hold her hand during the procedure.


And answering a similar question, Barack Obama said that he would be supportive of his daughter's decision, so as to ensure that she would not have to be "punished" with a baby.


It seems safe to say, however, that if either of these two men were even remotely serious about being pro-life, they would at least have had the presence of mind to have spoken out in favor of life, being given such a perfect opportunity to do so, particularly when considering a hypothetical situation involving the innocent lives of their own grandchildren, who had not yet awakened from the womb.


I suppose that the pro-choice folks may indeed find themselves torn between these two gentlemen, but as for those of us who are conscientious, pro-life Americans, it would seem that the Party bosses have robbed us any real choice that we might otherwise have had under a two Party system.


For those of us who claim to be values-voters, we have been left with no recourse but to decisively reject both of these phony presidential contenders on Election Day, and to do so in the only language that these folks seem to understand, and that is the language of the ballot box.


And as for our choice, we urge our fellow citizens of Virginia, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and all of our other reliable allies of this dear commonwealth, to join us in casting our vote — in one solid phalanx — for a true moral champion, Alan Keyes.


Although his name will not be listed on the ballot, we have received word, directly from the Virginia State Board of Elections, that his name has indeed been registered in Virginia, as a properly declared Write-In Candidate.


This means that every vote that is cast for Alan Keyes will indeed be counted and recorded, and we encourage you to join us in this call for moral courage and solidarity.



Mr. Glean is the State Campaign Coordinator for the "Virginia for Alan Keyes" Campaign.


Contact:  info@rise-to-the-rescue.com
Posted 2008-11-02 11:09 AM (#2641) By: EternalVigilance

I will vote with good conscience for Alan Keyes and add one more smile to the face of the Lord as you and all of the Keyes supporters are doing for the Glory of God and for the good of all.

Peace and all good
Posted 2008-11-03 5:09 AM (#2655 - in reply to #2641) By: FRANCISCANS4KEYES

Joe Glean Prospective Delegate for VA 44th House District
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