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    Iowa impeachment of judges: phony polls vs. the real poll vs. sworn duty
       Other Endorsed Independent Projects -> Tom Hoefling's Life and Liberty Report

    January 18, 2011

    by Tom Hoefling

    As manipulated polls produced by radical liberal organizations are now being touted across our fair state claiming that the people oppose impeaching the remaining four Iowa Supreme Court justices, I thought it appropriate to remind folks of a recent poll that shows clearly that the people of Iowa want these judges off the bench immediately.

    The poll I'm talking about surveyed nearly one million Iowans, and the margin of error was ZERO.

    That poll, of course, was the judicial retention vote that was held on November 2nd.

    541,565 Iowans voted to remove these lawless judges who had decided they were so all-powerful that they could change the meaning of words, legislate from the bench, amend our constitution without going through the constitutionally spelled-out processes for constitutional amendment, and who exercised executive power by ordering the lesser magistrates of our state to implement their radical, revolutionary social policy.

    No honest person can claim that if all seven of the Iowa Supreme Court justices had been on that ballot any of them could have possibly survived in office. 

    Having pointed out the obvious, which the media in Iowa unsurprisingly would like all of us to forget, let's remember as well that the duty of each member of the Iowa legislature is in no way dependent on any poll. That duty is determined by strict adherence to the oath of office each and every one of them swore before God - which, of course, is to support our Constitutions.

    Nowhere in the Iowa Constitution is the judicial branch empowered to change the meanings of words. The very idea is ludicrous. If words don't have explicit meanings, the whole concept of law is utterly destroyed. 

    Here is the key requirement of our Constitution, from Article III:

    The powers of the government of Iowa shall be divided into three separate departments - the legislative, the executive, and the judicial: and no person charged with the exercise of powers properly belonging to one of these departments shall exercise any function appertaining to either of the others...

    Nowhere in the Iowa Constitution is the judiciary granted legislative power. Judges cannot make laws. That is the sole province of the Iowa Legislature, which is made up of the representatives of the people. And those representatives made their intent clear in this matter more than a decade ago when they clearly defined marriage as being what it has always been: a special relationship between one man and one woman.

    All seven of these justices clearly committed malfeasance in office, and the people of Iowa rendered their verdict on that malfeasance when they removed the three judges who were on the ballot.

    Don't let the liberal media tie you up in knots about the meaning of the word malfeasance either. It simply means bad conduct.

    What conduct could possibly be worse than usurping power and authority that is not rightfully yours, and thereby destroying our system of constitutionally-limited representative self-government?

    Our social compact is premised on, and our liberty is dependent upon, the survival of that particular form of government. The people of this state never agreed to live under a judicial dictatorship, especially one that is attempting to force on us policies that we find to be morally repugnant.

    Of course, we can be sure that the pollsters working for these left-wing groups, and dutifully reported upon by the Iowa press, didn't frame the issue quite that way.


    Posted 2011-01-18 4:27 PM (#48286) By: EternalVigilance

    These judges have quite literally overthrown our form of republican constitutionally-limited representative self-government.

    Of course, their new form of government, which is a oligarchical judicial dictatorship, can only exist if the other branches allow them to do it.

    Posted 2011-01-18 5:10 PM (#48287 - in reply to #48286) By: EternalVigilance

    Do we have a link to the text of that newly-appointed Chief Justice's speech, the one who "gave it" to the legislature and the people?

    I'd like to read it and pass it on.

    Posted 2011-01-18 7:44 PM (#48291 - in reply to #48287) By: Roundhead

    I'm looking for a transcript. Haven't found it yet.

    But here is Mark Cady on Iowa Press January 14:

    Posted 2011-01-18 7:49 PM (#48292 - in reply to #48291) By: EternalVigilance

    Here it is.

    I'm also attaching the pdf to my post if you want to download it.

    Attachments Iowa State of the Judiciary 2011 mark cady.pdf (351KB - 0 downloads)
    Posted 2011-01-18 7:52 PM (#48293 - in reply to #48291) By: EternalVigilance

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